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This blog is owned and operated by Anthony Noe, a Strategy Consultant, Entrepreneur, Personal Representative, Writer, Musician, Artist, Internet Pioneer and Family Man, too! I live in Colorado and have interests that include music, photography, travel and, of course, writing. I was a technical consultant for twenty years and still develop websites. As a byproduct, I am a global publisher. I expect to establish a crowdsource news site in the not-too-distant future and invite you to check back here for an update on that.


Essentially a personal blog, it is used to record interesting news items and personal reflections. This blog is decidedly not focused on deep political issues, especially those emanating from Washington D.C.. Equally shy of overly-technical issues, the blog is more focused on lower-mid-level interests.


Well, it's difficult to say how often articles will be posted, but it's also fair to mention that it wasn't created just to sit here and not be used. That being said, you can be pretty sure that whenever posts appear,  it will not be in a consistent manner, such as every morning or every Thursday. Likewise, articles may be posted sporadically or in rapid succession. There's a notification system (Follow by email) at the bottom of this page, so it's probably best to just go ahead and subscribe, but it's up to you.


Anthony Noe is based in Colorado, but the content and information shared here is gathered from varied and disparate sources from around the world.


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