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Some Of The Important Tips Help Relieve Digital Eye

By Anthony - Thursday, December 12, 2013 No Comments
You’ve likely heard of ergonomics, but do you know about “eyegonomics?” When you’re spending the day looking at a screen, whether it’s a tablet device or a smartphone, you can suffer from eye strain as well as neck pain. You know how it is; you start out sitting straight, but then find yourself slouched over sitting with your neck bent at an uncomfortable angle and before you know it, you have neck and back pain, not to mention red, irritated eyes.

Yes, you can get eye strain simply from using a digital device for more than two hours at a time. Think about how many screens you look at during the course of your day. Desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, e-readers, tablets, televisions and gaming systems. In fact, in a survey conducted by The Vision council, more than a third of U.S. adults reported spending four to six hours a day with digital devices.

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